The Temp°Alert® TA-40 will activate your hardwired or wireless alarm panel if the temperature falls below 39.5°F, protecting your building from shattered pipes and the water damage that follows.


  • Activates virtually any alarm panel, dialer, or wireless alarm
  • Normally closed (NC) dry contacts at temperatures above 39.5°F (4.17°C)
  • Small size for unobtrusive appearance
  • No power required to operate

Product Specifications

Power Requirements None
Fixed Setting Normally open ≤ 39.2°F (4°C)
Temperature Accuracy ±5.4°F (±3°C)
Outputs Normally closed dry contact (Not for high voltage use)
Contact Output Rating 200mA @ 24VDC/VAC
Operating Temperature -40 to 212°F (-40 to 100°C)
Dimensions 2.5 x .8 x 0.55” (6.4 x 2 x 1.4 cm)

                                                                                                    TA-40 Spec Sheet          TA-40 Manual


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