Critical Environment Monitoring Solution

The Winland Critical-Environment Monitoring Solution is an automated, cloud-based platform that provides early alerting, reporting and logging, that ensures regulatory compliance.  The comprehensive solution enables the fastest resolution possible for:

  • Protecting perishable, environment-dependent assets
  • Ensuring compliance with storage regulations
  • Curbing inventory and labor costs
  • Safeguarding business reputation and market position
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Monitoring Devices


Winland Electronics, Inc. has delivered a suite of reliable products that integrate into security systems for nearly 40 years. With a focus on providing environmental monitoring solutions for critical conditions, Winland monitoring devices are used in a variety of applications including residential, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, food service, and high-tech facilities throughout the world.

Learn more about EnviroAlert , Temp Alert, WaterBug, and other Winland monitoring devices and accessories.

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