System Email Issue Complete (August 24, 2021)

System Email Issue (August 24, 2021)

System Maintenance Complete (August 9, 2021)


This patch includes the following:
SSL Update
Support Number in menu for easier support on calls.
Better retention of delete sensor information for recovery.
Device PIN view defaulted to 0000 for User permissions and hidden.
Device PIN view adjusted for Admins and Customer Admins
21 CFR Part 11 enhancements - better logging of sensor changes and device changes.


Winland Devices are using IP address:

For more information please visit: 

Help Center Network Troubleshooting

CHANGE: All emails will come from


Deployment 2.2.452 Rolled back

Top-Domain acceptance rollback due a to notification error.

Email to accept apostrophe rollback due to a notification error.

System Updates

Report Scheduling Enhancement
Reports capabilities have been improved. You now have the ability to designate what time frame you will like the report to start and when you want to receive the report.
Mobile Update
Mobile response has been updated for easier viewing experience.
Sensors now can be acknowledge at any time, and recorded. Reports can be generated, fulfilling compliance needs.
Insight Status
On the login screen, an Insight status button will display, allowing you to see if there are any updates to the system.
New Reporting Features!
With the recent updates, users can now see new additional reporting features, such as Sensor Acknowledgements.
Sensor Acknowledgement
Now you can create a response profile down to a specific sensor. You have the option to have a Device and or Sensor response profile on the same unit.
Graphic Change
Sensor summary now does not require 0° to be included. This allows for easier viewing on graphs that do not include 0° in their range.

Projected Updates

Complete: " - " to allowed characters for Username.

Completed: Select Box for notifications on system maintenance or updates.

Complete: NO/NC From Insight bug fix

Completed: Report Labeling.

Bug Fix Complete: Dashboard automatic updating.

Completed: Improvements to the report scheduler

(Completed) Mobile CSS Patch: Final patch for mobile viewability.

Completed: Bug fix for Notification Profile Deletion

Completed: Bug fix for Mobile Logo sizing.

If you find that you are having issues, please contact

Tech Support at 800-635-4269 x1 (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM CST)

Or view our Self Help Center:

After hours please email

Historical Information

03/09/2021 - 9:50 AM CT: Maintenance Complete

03/09/2021 - 9:10 AM CT: Maintenance Started

8/17/2020 - 2:30 PM CT: Network Stabilized

8/12/2020 - 3:40 PM CT: Network Degradation

8/12/2020 - 10:45 AM CT: Deployment Complete

8/12/2020 - 9:00 AM CT: Deployment Started

3/5/2019 - 11:00 AM CT: Network Stabilized

3/4/2019 - 11:00 AM CT: Network Degradation 

2/19/2019 - 9:40 AM CT: Maintenance Complete

2/19/2019 - 9:00 AM CT: Maintenance Started

11/20/2018 - 9:45 AM CT: Deployment Complete

11/20/2018 - 9:00 AM CT: Deployment Started

11/15/2018 - 4:35 PM CT: Network Stabilized

11/15/2018 - 8:20 AM CT: Network Degradation

5/25/2018 - 2:40 PM CT: Deployment 2.2.433

3/27/2018 - 2:27 PM CT: Network Updated Patch Deployed

3/15/2018 - 10:09 AM CT: Network Patch Deployed

3/14/2018 -11:14 PM CT: Device Connection Performance Issue Notice

3/2/2018 - 10:23 AM CT: Database Performance Degradation Resolved

3/2/2018 - 10:05 AM CT: Database Performance Degradation Notice

12/22/2017- 9:01 PM CT: Database Performance Stabilized

12/22/2017 - 4:42 PM CT: Database Performance Degradation

12/13/2017 - 6:01 AM CT: Network Stabilized

12/13/2017 - 3: 53 AM CT:  Network Degradation

11/29/2017 - 1:26 PM CT: Deployment and rollover complete for V 2.2.376

11/29/2017 - 12:52 AM CT: Deployment started for V 2.2.376

9/27/2017 -11:35 PM CST: Re-sending emails that were stuck in queue.

9/27/2017 - 8:31 AM CST: Email Notice

7/18/2017 -11:24 AM CST: Deployment complete.

7/18/2017 - 8:24 AM CST: Deployment patch fixes started.

5/11/2017 - 9:40 AM CST: Deployment fix for IE & Firefox complete.

5/10/2017 - 10:10 AM CST: Deployment Roll back due to IE & Firefox issue.

5/9/2017 - 12:41 PM CST: Deployment for CSS Final Completed.

5/9/2017 - 12:12 PM CST: Deployment for CSS Final Started.

3/31/2017 - 9:42 AM CST: Deployment for dashboard bug fix.

3/14/2017 - 6:30 PM CST: Data Log patched. System stable.

3/13/2017 - 11:50 AM CST: Data Log issue started.

2/6/2017 - 4:50 PM CST: Bug fix in process.

12/28/2016 - 9:48 AM CST: System Report update complete.

12/28/2016 - 9:30 AM CST: System Report update started.

12/21/2016 - 8:52 AM CST: System update complete.

12/21/2016 - 8:44 AM CST: System update starting.

12/5/2016 - 8:55 AM CST: Website Cert Resolved.

12/5/2016 - 8:47 AM CST: Website shows Cert error. Still able to login. Not all browsers affected.

9/6/2016 - 8:07 AM CST: All system working properly, email issue have been resolved after implementing system change during the weekend.

9/1/2016 - 12:51 PM CST: Emails are showing delay, we are currently investigating.

8/30/2016 - 10:36 PM CST: Emails are flowing through the system properly.

8/30/2016 - 2:24 PM CST: Email are showing slight congestion, and some are being delayed. Not all users are affected.

8/26/2016 - 5:04 PM CST: Email delay resolved.

8/26/2016 - 10:32 AM CST: Some emails are showing a slight delay due to network congestion. This is being looked into, not all users are affected.

7/20/2016 - 3:20 PM CST: A bug was found with Alert Report by Location when ran on demand. Fix is being deployed. Scheduled reports are unaffected.

7/15/2016 - 2:25 PM CST: A push has started on the scheduled reports. This may take a couple hours to catch up.

7/15/2016 - 7:35 AM CST: Not all users received their weekly or daily scheduled report. Looking to see if this was caused by update or the bug found last night.

7/14/2016 - 10:54 PM CST: A bug was found with notifications, a push will be deployed, some users may see messages that were held.

7/13/2016 - 3:31 PM CST: Update is complete. You may need to logout of the system and log back in prior to being allowed to change device settings.

7/13/2016 - 2:56 PM CST: Changes to the Device Settings may not save during the system update. Please wait until update is complete before trying to make changes to the device.

7/8/2016 - 3:00 PM CST : Winland in planning on updating the Insight System on July 12th, as part of an enhancement. We are not anticipating any downtime, but a few devices might show offline for a brief period.

6/6/2016 - 11:00 AM CST : There was maintenance on the device communication subsystem this morning that may have caused some units to generate an offline alert otherwise the system is functioning normally.

5/31/2016 3 PM CST- Device communication is stable. If your device still states it's offline, a reboot is required. This must be done at the device. Unlock > Main Menu > System > Reboot.

5/31/2016 1:22 PM CST - Device communication was brought down to force a reconnection. Emails notifications have been restarted (duplicates emails may be sent due to system restart). Some devices may show offline during the restarting process.

5/31/2016 3 AM CST - We have noticed there is a issue with the website stating some devices are offline, yet diagnostics on devices are showing online. We are investigating.

5/25/2016 The latest software updates to Insight were to add an Insight status link to the login page and fix a bug that, in certain situations was causing duplicate alert emails. Very little system impact was noticed during the updates.

5/10/2016 At around 7 PM CST, Winland noticed an issue with communication with some devices. During the process of troubleshooting some devices were alternating between online and offline. Not all units were affected. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

5/5/2016 Maintenance complete for Sensor Acknowledgement